+kesport, Reinforcing social roles through soccer


The +KESPORT project adds to the important work being done in the clubs to actively develop social and educational integration in values through soccer, thus promoting healthier and more egalitarian spaces.

In Catalonia, the educational spaces for children and young people are becoming increasingly diverse. The area of non-formal education is made up by multiple agents, including extracurricular activities for children and adolescents and among them soccer clubs, where girls and boys not only play sports but receive education: they learn and are taught values, especially with their coaches.

The +KESPORT project is an initiative to provide tools to these coaches to improve training at their clubs, thus reinforcing their role as social actors in their communities. The aim is to use games and reflection to train the players in skills for life in different areas: Promoting health (physical activity, healthy eating); Gender equality (reflecting on stereotypes and prejudices) and Conflict resolution (psychosocial skills on the field).